Monday, 18 November 2013

Red chilli expected to rule Around Rs 5,500-6,000 In Feb-Mar, 6 Novemer 2013


Farmers have been advised to take their sowing and planting decision on chilli with prices of red chilies expected to rule between Rs 5,500 and Rs 6,000 per quintal in February-March.

Normal production in the current year and good domestic and export demand will keep the prices rule at the same level as per an analysis carried out by Domestic Export and Marketing Intelligence Cell.

Cold stored samba chilli is trading around Rs 6,500-Rs 7,000 per quintal in Viruthanagar Market in Tamil Nadu.

India consumed around 70 to 80 % of its total production of 13 lakh tonnes and exported 20 to 30 % cent annually.

Andhra Pradesh share 53 % of total production of country, followed by Karnataka 8.23 %, West Bengal 7.69, Madhya Pradesh 7.20, Odisha 5.38, Gujarat 5.27, Maharashtra 3.51 and Tamil Nadu 1.77.

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